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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

On October 14, 1906 Leib Deckelbaum (#P26) arrived at the port of New York aboard the steamship Etruria. He was a 20-year old single man, a tailor by trade. Leib’s birthplace was Perhavalhew, and his last place of residence was Wilna. His destination in America was to his brother-in-law Morris Barrons, who was living at 1 Asmaga Street in Boston. His brother-in-law paid for his passage. There was a notation on his passenger record that may indicate that he was naturalized (or attempted to be naturalized) in Boston in 1941. I believe this Leib was a brother to Leiser.

Leiser Deckelbaum (#P34) was 39 years old when he arrived in New York on January 12, 1909. He was a married tailor who was born in Rafalovka. His last place of residence was Rafalovka, and the nearest relative he left back home was Ruchel Duschre Deckelbaum in Rafalovka. His destination in America was to his brother-in-law M. Baron at 30 Rass Street in Boston. His brother-in-law paid his passage.

Leiser’s son Chaim (#P47) was 17 and single when he arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Russia on September 11, 1910. He was born in Rafalovka, his last place of residence was Rafalovka, and his nearest relative back home was Ruchel Dekelbaum in Rafalovka. His destination in America was to his father Leiser Deckelbaum, c/o M. Barran at 51 Asvego Street in Boston.

I was not able to find the passenger record for Leiser’s wife Rachel, although I did find an entry in the passenger index that I believe was Rachel and her 4 other children. There is an entry in the Boston Passenger Index for 1906 - 1920 which shows a Mrs. Ruchel Dekelbaum, a 36 year-old female, traveling with her children Ester M. (age 20), Chaie R. (age 17), Srul I (age 15 male), and Reizel (age 9). I did receive the following information from a fellow genealogist who has a copy of the actual passenger record: Rachel and her children immigrated in 1913. They all (Rachel & her children) give Abram Dekelbaum of Rafalovka as the name of the closest relative they left behind. However, Rachel states the relationship as "cousin" while her children refer to Abram as their "uncle".

  1. Genealogical Data

Louis Deckelboim (#P34)
According to the death certificate for Louis, he died at age 40 on December 18, 1913 at City Hospital in Boston. The certificate states that his father’s name was Hyman, and his mother’s name was Jennie. His occupation was as a janitor. Louis’s tombstone states that he was Eliezar, son of Chaim Zev, and that he died on the 19th of Kislev 5674 (December 28, 1913).

The 1920 Census show Rachel Deckelboim, a 45-year old widow who was born in Kovno, Russia living at 13 Parkman in Boston. Rachel was a grocer, and was living with her daughter Ester (age 25), son Hyman (age 24), daughter Bessie (age 20), and daughter Rose (age 16.)

The Rabbi Aaron Gorovitz Marriage Database (on Jewishgen) documents the marriage between Hyman and Minnie Koslow. It is from this database that I determined that Hyman’s mother’s maiden name was Bratt.

Morris Barron
Both Leib and his brother Louis indicated on their passenger records that their destination in America was to their brother-in-law M. Barron living in Boston. The 1910 Census shows Morris Barron living at 49 Oswego Street in Boston. Morris was 30 years old in 1910, and his occupation was as a clothing designer working on his own account. He was living with his 30-year old wife Mary to whom he had been married for 13 years. Mary had had 5 children, 3 of whom were still living. They were Rebecca (age 10), Hyman (age 7), and Louis (age 4). Also living with Morris was his 38-year old married brother-in-law Louis (whose last name was "dittoed" as Barron). Louis immigrated in 1908 and worked as a bottler in a bottle factory.

  1. Descendants of Chaim Zev and Jennie Deckelbaum

1 Haim Zev DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1850 d: Unknown Rafalovka
 +Jennie ?
. 2 Eliezar DECKELBOIM b: 1873 Rafalovka d: December 18, 1913 Boston
.... +Rachael D. BRATT b: Abt. 1875 Kovno (Russia)
.... 3 Ester DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1895
....... +Joe HALBERTS
.... 3 Hyman W. DECKELBAUM b: September 15, 1897 d: 1949
....... +Minnie KOSLOWITZ
.... 3 Bessie DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1900
....... +Harry WINKLER
.... 3 Sam DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1902 Rafalovka d: Dec 1978 Brooklyn
....... +Anna ? b: July 15, 1896 Russia d: July 1977 Brooklyn, NY
.... 3 Rose DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1904
....... +Dave DAVIS
. 2 Mary DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1880
.... +Morris BARRON b: Abt. 1880
.... 3 Peggy BARRON b: Abt. 1900 Russia
....... +? Abrahmson
.... 3 Hyman W BARRON b: Abt. 1903 Massachusetts
.... 3 Louis BARRON b: Abt. 1906 Massachusetts
. 2 Leib DECKELBOIM b: Abt. 1886