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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Berel Dekelbaum (#P59) arrived at the port of New York on July 28, 1913 aboard the SS Berlin. Berel was a 17-year old single man whose occupation was a teacher. His birthplace and last place of residence was Rafalovka. He had left behind his father Abram Deckelbaum in Rafalovka. His destination in America was to his "acquaintance?" Chaim Goldman at 245 Cherry Street in New York.

The passenger record for Basie Deckelboim (#P68) shows her arriving at the port of New York on May 12, 1914 aboard the SS Rijndam. She was an 18-year old single woman. She had left behind her father Avrum Deckelbaum in Rafalovka. Her destination in America was to her brother Berl Deckelbaum at Momor Street in New York. Her brother paid her passage.

Berel and Basie’s father Anzam Deckelbaum (#P75) arrived at the port of New York on May 3, 1921. He was a 45-year old married male, whose occupation was clerk. He was traveling with his wife Nojina, age 40, his son Benjamin, age 22, occupation tinsmith, and his daughter Leija, age 19, a student. They were all born in Rafalovka. Anzam left behind his brother Pinsches Deckelbaum in "Birerno K. Rowno." Their destination in America was to Anzam’s son Benjamin Deckelbaum, living at 156/54 S. 3rd Street (c/o Keneker) in Brooklyn.

Pania Dekelbaum (#P71) arrived at the port of New York on September 11, 1920. She was 19 years old and single. Her birthplace and last place of residence were listed as Pinsk. The name of the nearest relative she left behind was her father Aron Deckelbaum in Pinsk. Her destination in America was to her cousin Jacob Cohen at 620 E. 5th Street in New York.

  1. Genealogical Data

Abraham Dekelbaum (#P75)
According to the death certificate of Abraham Dekelbaum, he was born in 1870, and died March 20, 1944 in Brooklyn. He was buried in Beth David Cemetery. The certificate states that his parents were Gershon and Brindel.

Aron Dekelbaum
According to information from Bea Rolnick (grandaughter of Aron Dekelbaum), Bea’s mother Fanny was born in Telekhany, near Pinsk. Bea also connected her grandfather Aron to his brothers Avraham Hersh and Pinshes.

  1. Descendants of Gershon and Breindel Deckelbaum

1 Gershon DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1856
. +Braindel SEGELEVICH
. 2 Avrahm Hersh DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1876 Rafalovka d: 1944 Brooklyn
.... +Noyme BOXER b: Abt. 1881 Rafalovka
..... 3 Benjamin DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1896 Rafalovka d: 1985
........ +Sadie Myerson d: 1957
..... *2nd Wife of Benjamin DEKELBAUM:
........ +Betty BURKE
..... 3 Bernard DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1899
........ +Sophie MARGOLIN b: Feb 4, 1908 Russia d: Jan 21, 1990 Bronx, NY
..... 3 Bessie DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1896
........ +Sam YUDKOWSKY
..... 3 Leija DEKELBAUM b: Abt. 1902 Rafalovka d: May 1970
..... 3 Reyzele DEKELBAUM d: Unknown young in Russia
. 2 Pinsches DEKELBAUM
.... +Brocha Elka KACHKER
..... 3 Malke DEKELBAUM
..... 3 Rosa DEKELBAUM
..... 3 Sarah DEKELBAUM
..... 3 Penena DEKELBAUM
..... 3 Fanny DEKELBAUM b: Telehan, near Pinsk
........ +? ROLNICK
..... 3 Ahova DEKELBAUM
..... 3 Asher DEKELBAUM