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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

The passenger list for the port of Baltimore shows Alter Deckelbaum (#P25), a 24 year-old single man, occupation joiner, arriving on September 20, 1906 aboard the steamer Cassel. His destination in America is to his brother-in-law L. Mooderick at 22 Albermarle Street in Baltimore. This is Albert’s first voyage to America.

Mary (Deckelbaum) Mudrik arrived at the port of Galvaston, Texas on June 21, 1912, having sailed from Bremen, Germany aboard the SS Hanover. She was a diminutive 44 year-old woman, standing only 4’6" tall. She traveled with her daughters Ruchel (age 18) and Ester (age 17), and her sons Moyshe (age 15) and Yankel (age 10). Her destination in America was to her husband Louis in San Francisco. The manifest lists the name of her closest relative back home as her mother, Frede Deckelbaum in Rafalovka.

Albert (#P55) returned to Russia sometime around 1911, and then sailed back to Baltimore on June 6, 1913 aboard the steamer Rhein. At that time he was a 33 year-old married man. His destination in America is to his friend F. Rudy at 917 Pratt Street in Baltimore. The manifest states that Albert was born in Rafalovka, which was also his last place of residence. He has left behind his wife Gute Deckelbaum in Rafalovka.

Albert’s wife Gertrude (#P72) arrived at the port of New York on September 17, 1920 aboard the S.S. Rochambeau, which sailed from Le Havre. "Guiti Dekelbone" was 38 years old, a married female whose occupation was "housework". She was traveling with her children Yosefes, a 7-year old male, and Feijer, a 15-year old female. Guiti and her children were all born in Rafalovka. Their last residence was Dubno, Poland. The name of the nearest relative they left behind (in Poland) was Guiti’s brother Esther(?) Weisman in Luck, Wolin, at Dubno, Poland. Their destination in America is to Guiti’s husband Deckelbaum at 1101 E Pratt Street in Baltimore.

  1. Genealogical Data

Mary (Deckelbaum) Mudrik
Mary and Louis lived at 520 Charter Oak Ave in San Francisco from 1915 to 1920. In 1925 and 1926 they lived at 1920 Sheridan Ave in Los Angeles.

Mary’s death certificate states that she died on December 7, 1945, and was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in LA. She was 87 at time of death, which would put her birth year at 1858. Her mother’s name is listed as Frieda (no maiden name), and her father was Jack Dickelboum. The informant on the certificate is Morris Mudrick (her son), living at 365 N. Formosa Avenue. At the time of her death, Mary was living at 1920 Sheridan Street. She was a widow. Mary’s tombstone states "Miriam, daughter of Yaakov".

Leatrice Cohen (who is Mary’s granddaughter) remembers that Freyda was 114 years of age when she died in 1928. According to Leatrice, Freyda Mudrick married a Deckelbaum and was the mother of Marum (Mary) Deckelbaum who married Louis Mudrick. Leatrice also says that Mary and Louis were first cousins. She confirmed that Albert and Mary were brother and sister.

Albert Deckelbaum (#P25 & #P55)
According to the 1920 census records, Albert Deckelbaum was a 36 year old man, living at 1101 E. Pratt in Baltimore (where he was a boarder at the home of Bessie Pressman.) The census states that he immigrated in 1907, and had his first naturalization papers filed.

According to the Baltimore City Directories, Albert lived at 1727 Jefferson in Baltimore from 1923-1930, when his occupation was as a carpenter.

Albert’s Social Security Number was issued in 1951. On his Social Security Application, Albert states he was born September 16, 1883, that he was living at 2000 E. Madison Street in Baltimore, and that he was self-employed. He also states that his father’s name was Jack Deckelbaum, and his mother’s name was Frieda (surname unknown).

Albert died at the age of 84 on March 12, 1967 at North Charles General Hospital in Baltimore (see Death Certificate.) At that time he was living at 841 W. North Ave. in Baltimore. He was a widower. The death certificate states that his father was Benjamin Deckelbaum. He was buried at Knesseth Israel Kolk Wolyn Cemetery in Baltimore.

David Deckelbaum (Albert’s grandson) visited Albert’s tombstone in 1997. David said he read "Israel Zev" and under that "Yaakov" on the tombstone.

  1. Descendants Of Jacob and Freyda Deckelbaum

. +Freyda MUDRIK b: Abt. 1814 d: 1928
. 2 Mary DECKELBAUM b: 1858 Rafalovka d: December 07, 1945
.... +Louis MUDRICK b: June 06, 1856 Rafalovka d: April 15, 1935
..... 3 Jenny MUDRICK b: Rafalovka
........ +Harry SEMEROFSKY
........ 4 Sylvia SEMEROFSKY
........... +Sam HARRIS
..... 3 Ida MUDRICK b: Rafalovka
........ +Harry WEISS
........ 4 Sylvia WEISS
........... +Dave LUKOFF
........ 4 Jack WEISS
..... 3 Rose MUDRICK b: 1894-1985 Rafalovka
........ +Louis SILVERSTEIN
........ 4 Leatrice SILVERSTEIN
........... +Norman COHEN
........ 4 Herbert SILVERSTEIN
........... +Lorraine ?
..... 3 Morris MUDRICK b: Abt. 1897 Rafalovka
........ +Betty LORETZKY
..... 3 Esther MUDRICK b: Rafalovka
........ +Peter TODRESIC
........ 4 Floraine TODRESIC b: 1927
........... +Leonard DAVIS
........ 4 Shirley TODRESIC
..... 3 Jack MUDRICK b: January 08, 1900 Rafalovka
........ +Esther SAVINAR b: 1903 d: 1991
........ 4 Harvey MUDRICK b: 1923
........... +Lois KOLAN b: 1923
. 2 Albert DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1882 Rafalovka d: March 12, 1967
.... +Gertrude WEISMAN
..... 3 Jack Jacob DECKELBAUM b: Sept 15, 1913 Rafalovka, d: July 03, 1993
........ +Evelyn A. ?
........ 4 Steve DECKELBAUM
........... +Ellen ?
..... 3 Melvin DECKELBAUM b: Baltimore
........ +Selma ? b: 1925 d: 1995
........ 4 Stuart DECKELBAUM
........... +Riki ?
..... 3 Fannie DECKELBAUM
........ +? FAGEL
........ 4 Annette FAGEL
........... +Al STEINBERG