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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Morris Deckelbaum (#P39) was the first to immigrate in this family. He arrived at the port of New York on January 17, 1910 aboard the steamer Philadelphia. He was a 26 year-old druggist, born in Rafalovka. His last place of residence was in Sarny. The name of the closest relative left behind was his father - M. Deckebaum - in Rafalovka. His destination in America was to his cousin L. Murik at 415-417 Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn. He was traveling with a young woman (22 years old) named Fanny Murik. Fanny was born in Rafalovka, and had left behind her father Gedalie Murik in Sarny. Her destination in America was also to L. Murik in Brooklyn.

Morris’s sister Fannie (#P60) arrived 3 years later on September 30, 1913 aboard the S.S. NOORDAM. She was a 20 year-old single woman, occupation seamstress. Her birthplace and her last place of residence were "Rachwaliske" - Rafalovka, where she left behind her father Mottel Deckelbaum. Her destination in America is to her brother Moishe Deckelbaum at 68 E 110th Street in NY.

I haven’t yet found a passenger record for Jack Deckelbaum . However, he must have immigrated before 1918, since according to Judy Shapiro (Jack’s granddaughter), Jack entered the US Army in 1918 and was discharged in 1920, and then became a US citizen. He met his wife who was from Poland and they were married in 1924 in Brooklyn. The family moved to Baltimore in 1941.

  1. Genealogical Data

Morris Deckelbaum (#P39) & Fannie Rubin (#P60)
According to the census records, in 1920 Morris was a 35 year-old unmarried dentist, living in the home of his brother-in-law, Hyman Rubin, at 405 Halsey in Brooklyn, NY. Also living in the home is Fannie Rubin, Morris’s sister and wife of Hyman. The census record states that Morris immigrated in 1911, and was naturalized in 1919. Fannie RUBIN was age 24 in 1920. She immigrated in 1905, and was born in Russia.

Jack’s granddaughter - Judy Shapiro - confirms that Morris was a dentist. In fact she says he was "a dentist, pharmacist and physician all rolled into one." She also said that Morris died as a young man in New York. His death certificate confirms this - it states that he died on March 7, 1933 at the age of age 49 (which places his birth year at around 1884). The death certificate states that his father was Max Deckelbaum, and his mother was Sheindel Sanburg. The names of his parents are the same names given to me by Judy Shapiro. He was buried at Mt. Hebron Cemetary on March 8, 1933. He was living at 415 Halsey Street in Brooklyn when he died. His occupation was mechanical dentist.

Jack Deckelbaum
The Social Security Application for a Jack Deckelbaum, SS#217-32-9346 was issued on March 3, 1952 when Jack was living at 113 So. Schroeder Street in Baltimore. It states that Jack was born in Rafalovka on March 3, 1890, that his father was Melvin, and his mother was Jeannette Rosenfeld. The SSDI shows that this Jack Deckelbaum died in July of 1954, which coincides with the date of death given by Naomi. I have no absolute proof that this Jack was the brother of Morris and Fannie, but the dates do fit. As to the differing names given for Jack’s and Morris’s parents - perhaps Jack had a different mother than Morris (but the same father).

  1. Descendants Of Mordechai and Sheindel Deckelbaum

1 Mordechai DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1865 Rafalovka d: Unknown
. +Sheindel SANBERG
. 2 Brothers 1-4 DECKELBAUM
. 2 Morris DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1885 Rafalovka, d: March 7, 1933
. 2 Jack DECKELBAUM b: 1891 Rafalovka d: 1954
.... +Ida ?
..... 3 Joseph DECKELBAUM b: 1926 Brooklyn, NY
........ +Edythe GORDON
........ 4 Marlene Judith DECKELBAUM b: 1949
........... +Bruce Allen SHAPIRO
........ 4 Robert Allen DECKELBAUM b: 1952
........... +Tena FELDMAN
........ 4 Jack Ira DECKELBAUM b: 1955
........... +Debra ROBINSON
..... 3 Evelyn DECKELBAUM b: 1930 Brooklyn, NY
........ +Milton CUSHNER
........ 4 Howard CUSHNER
........ 4 Sandy CUSHNER
........... +Steve WEINSTEIN
..... 3 Mordechai DECKELBAUM b: 1943 Baltimore, MD
........ +Naomi KOSLOWITZ
........ 4 Yaakov DECKELBAUM
........ 4 Chana DECKELBAUM
........... +Yisroel NEWMARK
........ 4 children 2-10 DECKELBAUM
. 2 Fannie DECKELBAUM b: 1899 Rafalovka
.... +Hyman RUBIN b: Abt. 1888 Russia
..... 3 Joseph RUBIN d: Unknown
..... 3 Max RUBIN
..... 3 Jeanette RUBIN
........ +? GOLDSTEIN