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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Fischel Dekelbaum (#P1) was the first to immigrate in this family. He arrived at the port of Baltimore on August 4, 1897 aboard the steamer OLDENBURG. He was a 30-year old married man, occupation laborer. His destination in America was to "a friend" or "cousin" in Baltimore. His last residence was in Volhynia (the name at that time for the province where Rafolvka was located). Fishel’s wife Malke (#P5) arrived at the port of Baltimore on March 28, 1901 (3½ years after her husband), also aboard the steamer OLDENBURG. She was a 26-year old married woman, traveling with her son Schmul, age 8, daughter Henne, age 3, and son Zacherie, age 2. Her destination in America was to her husband at 116 Market Place in Baltimore. Her last place of residence was Golecz.

One year after Fischel came to America, his brother Paisach (#P3) arrived at the port of Baltimore on October 24, 1898 aboard the steamer S.S. Belgenland. His passenger record states that he was a 28-year old single man, whose occupation was as a butcher. His last place of residence was in London. His destination in America was to his brother F. Deckelbaum at 120 Albermarle Street in Baltimore.

Mordche Deckelbaum (#P7) arrived at the port of Baltimore on August 7, 1901 aboard the steamer Koln, which sailed from Bremen on July 25, 1901. He was a 27-years old, married, occupation tailor. His last place of residence was in Rafalovka. His destination in America was to his brother P. Deckelbaum at 103 W. Germany Street in Baltimore. His brother paid his passage.

Pusick (Pesach) Dekelbaum (#P8) arrived at the port of New York in February of 1903 aboard the steamer S.S. POMERANIAN. Pesach was 25 years old. His destination in America was to his cousin L. Gould at 158 Whitesboro in Utica, New York. I believe this L. Gould is the same Louis Gould as in Family #3. His cousin paid for his passage. Pesach’s wife Annie (#P20) arrived at the port of Baltimore on May 31, 1906 (more than 3 years after her husband) aboard the steamer MAIN. Annie was 24 years old, married, and she was traveling with her with daughter Rosa, age 4. Her destination in America was to her husband Philip at 641 W. Pratt Street in Baltimore. Her last place of residence was Dombrowitz, Russia.

Pasel Deckelbaum (#P9) arrived at the port of New York on Feb. 15, 1903 aboard the steamer Philadelphia. He was a 28 year old married man, occupation painter. His destination in America was to his brother F. Deckelbaum at 102 Market Space in Baltimore.

Ruchel Deckelbaum (#P52) arrived at the port of Baltimore on September 19, 1912 aboard the steamer Koln. She was an 18-year-old single woman with red hair and brown eyes, occupation "M. Servant" (maidservant?). Her birthplace and last residence were Rafalovka. The name of the closest relative left behind was her grandfather Chaim Deckelbaum in Rafalovka. Her destination in America is to her married Uncle Philip Deckelbaum at 617 W. Germany Street in Baltimore. Although I have no further information on Ruchel, I have placed her in this family because the names of her uncle and grandfather match, and because she gives a similar destination address (on W. Germany Street) as Mordeche did when he arrived in 1901. It is possible that she is the child of Mordeche, #P7.

Ester Sussel (#P68) arrived at the port of Baltimore on December 20, 1913 aboard the steamer MAIN. She was 26 years old and married. She was traveling with two other people, although I only found the index for one of her children (I didn't look for the other) - Idcl Ber, age 3. She was born in "Russia Achnl". Her last place of residence was "Russia Aschwalawka". The name of her nearest relative back home was "father Oschel Gebelbimn Aschwalawka Walyn Russia". I think if you imagine saying "Asher Deckelboim" with a heavy Eastern European accent, you could fathom it sounding to the immigration officer’s ears like "Oshel Gebelbimn". The same could hold true for "Rafalowka", which might come out sounding like "Aschwalawka". Ester’s destination in America was to her husband Isaac Lusel at 834 E Pratt Street in Baltimore.

  1. Genealogical Data

Philip (Pasach) Deckelbaum (#P8)
In 1906 Philip was living at 631 w Pratt in Baltimore. In 1910, he was living at 917 e Pratt in Baltimore with his wife Annie, daughter Rosa, age 8, daughter Ida, age 3, and son Samuel, age 1½. He was a tailor. In 1920 he was living at 313 2nd SW in Washington DC where his occupation was as a grocer. Philip was living with his wife Annie and his children. Also living there was his brother-in-law Max Mudrick (Annie’s brother), and his cousin Annie Feld.

Annie Deckelbaum is buried in Beth Shalom Cemetery, Washington, DC [see tombstone.]
Philip died in Miami Beach but was buried in DC [see tombstone.)

Esther Deckelbaum (#P68)
Philip and Annie’s great-granddaughter Phyllis Lunsik gave me information about Philip's sister Esther, which led me to believe that the passenger record for Ester Sussel was indeed Philip’s sister. In addition, I found the Naturalization Record for Isaac Susel, who was Ester Deckelbaum’s husband. This document states that Isaac’s wife Esther was born March 31, 1886 in Rafalovka, Russia. Their sons Sam and Bennie were also born in Rafalovka. Isaac filed his Declaration of Intention in 1915, at which time he was a bricklayer living at 912 E. Pratt in Baltimore. In 1918 (when the certificate was issued) Ester and Isaac were living at 1033 3rd St SW in Washington DC.

The 1920 Census Record confirms Ester and Issac’s address at 1033 3rd Street in Washington DC. At that time Ester was 34 and Isaiah (Isaac) was 40, and his occupation was a grocer. Also living there is their son Sam, age 11; and son Benjamin, age 10.

Philip (Fishel) Deckelbaum (#P1)
Philip’s Petition for Naturalization is dated June 25, 1906. It states that he was born in Volinski, Russia in April of 1870. He was married on January 3, 1891 in Volinski, Russia to Esther. He was being naturalized along with his wife and 3 children: Sam born January 1892; Annie, born July 1895; and Frederick born February 1897. His wife and children were all born in Volinski. He had been a resident of Baltimore for 6 years, having arrived in America in August of 1897. He had lived for the last 6 years at 124 Centre Market Space, 102 Centre Market Space, 1007 E Pratt St, and 40 Albermarle Street (where he was living in 1906).

The addresses given on Philip’s Petition for Naturalization correspond to his addresses in the Baltimore City Directories:

1901: 116 1/2 Centre Market in Baltimore, occupation tailor
1903: 102 Centre Market Space in Baltimore, occupation tailor
1904: 102 Centre Market Space in Baltimore, occupation tailor
1906: 40 Albermarle in Baltimore, occupation tailor
1907: 40 Albermarle in Baltimore, occupation tailor

Philip’s 1903 address adds credence to the supposition that Pasel (#P9) was Fishel’s brother, since when Pasel arrived in New York in 1903 he stated that he was going to his brother F. Deckelbaum at 102 Market Space in Baltimore.

In the 1910 census, Philip is living at 1418 e Fayette in Baltimore. Philip was 37 years old, occupation examiner (of vests?). He lived with his wife Rebecca, age 27; son Samuel, age 18; daughter Hannah, age 15; and son Frederick, age 13. The Census record appears to say that Philip had been married for 2 years, which would imply that Rebecca was his second wife.

Philip’s grandson Fred Burka told me that Philip was born in Rafalovka. Philip died in 1914. His gravestone says "Fischel Ben Chaim, died a man straight life, died Dec. 23, 1914." He was buried in Washington DC Central NE Cemetery. His wife Malka Kolker died at the age of 38, and is buried in Baltimore. Fred also remembers his mother Hannah talking about her stepmother Rebecca, which confirms the 1910 census that Philip was married to his second wife.

In 1920, Philip’s son Samuel was living at 629 4 1/2 SW in Washington, DC. Samuel lived with his wife Mary, age 28, who was born in Russia and immigrated in 1906, and his son Philip, age 1, born in DC. Also living with Samuel was his father-in-law Chone Scheer; and his brothers-in-law Samuel, William, and Milton.

In 1920, Philip’s daughter Hannah was living 251 8th NE in Washington, DC. Hannah (Anna) was 23,and was married to Max Burka, age 29. Also living with them is their son Fred, age 7, born in DC; their son Philip, age 4¾, born in DC; and Hannah’s brother Fred Deckelbaum, age 23.

Paisach (Philip) Deckelbaum (#P3)
I don’t have much information for this Philip other than his passenger record (which showed him arriving in 1898 and going to his brother Fishel in Baltimore), and his death certificate. His death certificate states that he died on June 30, 1902 at the age of 35. It says he was born in Russia, and that his occupation was a groceryman. He was living at 514 Fremont Avenue when he died of Tuberculosis. His father's name was Chaim, and his mother's name was Faige Baile. He was married to Beckie Deckelbaum. He died at the Hospital for Consumptivis in Baltimore. His brother Philip Deckelbaum supplied the information on the certificate.

I have assumed that Bertha (a.k.a. Bettie) was his wife, because she is listed as the widow of Philip in the 1930 Baltimore City Directory, and because his death certificate says his wife’s name was Beckie (fairly close to Bettie). Bertha’s domicile history is as follows:

1521 Orleans in Baltimore. She was a 37-year old widow, who had 5 children, 3 still living. Her occupation was as a milliner. She had two boarders living with her.
909 N. Gay in Baltimore. She was a 46-year old widow, born in Moscow, immigrated in 1888. She had two boarders living with her. Her occupation was a milliner. She was listed at this address through 1930.

  1. Descendants Of Joshua Deckelbaum

Joshua DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1827
. 2 Chaim DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1847 in Russia
.... +Faige Baile ? b: in Russia
..... 3 Philip DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1867 d: 1914
........ +Malka KOLKER b: Abt. 1875
........ 4 Samuel DECKELBAUM b: January 1891 in Russia d: December 27, 1934
........... +Mary SCHEER b: Abt. 1892 in Russia d: January 31, 1977
........ 4 Hannah DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1895 in Russia d: September 28, 1960
........... +Max BURKA b: October 15, 1891 in Washington, D.C. d: Jan 1966
........ 4 Fred DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1897 in Russia
..... 3 Paisach DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1870 d: June 30, 1902
........ +Bertha ? b: Abt. 1874 in Moscow
..... 3 Mordche DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1874
........ 4 Ruchel DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1894
..... 3 Pasel DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1875
. 2 Asher DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1857
..... 3 Philip DECKELBAUM b: 1877 in Wolin, Russia d: October 22, 1945
........ +Annie MUDRICK b: 1884 in Dombrowitz, Russia d: September 1959
........ 4 Rosa DECKELBAUM b: 1902 in Wolin, Russia
........... +Abe SHERMAN b: 1894 in Baltimore, MD d: 1950
........ 4 Ida DECKELBAUM b: April 16, 1907 in MD d: December 31, 1992
........... +M. William GOLDBERG
........ 4 Samuel J. DECKELBAUM b: October 31, 1908 in MD
........... +Mildred Alice CLARK
........ 4 Minnie DECKELBAUM b: August 06, 1910 in MD d: May 31, 1965
........... +Henry LUTSKY
........ 4 Robert DECKELBAUM b: November 02, 1912 in DC d: March 06, 1988
........... +Blanche R. ? b: 1916
..... 3 Esther DECKELBAUM b: March 31, 1886 in Rafalovka
........ +Isaac SUSEL b: April 09, 1882 in Rozisht, Russia
........ 4 Sam SUSEL b: January 04, 1908 in Rafalovka
........... +Ruth ?
........ 4 Benjamin SUSEL b: August 30, 1910 in Rafalovka
........... +Rae ?