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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Zalman Dekelboim (#P77) arrived at the port of Tampa on November 22, 1922 aboard the steamer Cuba. He was 16 years old, and was born in Poland.

  1. Genealogical Data

Saul’s Petition for Naturalization was filed on January 1, 1923. At that time Saul was living at 181 Henry Street in New York City. He was a furrier. His witnesses were Sam Weintraub, a furrier at 1473 Boston Road in the Bronx, and Samuel Levenson, an accountant at 1290 Sutter Ave. His Declaration of Intention was filed February 6, 1923 in Brooklyn. This document states that Saul was an 18-year old laborer who was born July 25 1904 in Warsaw. At the time he was living at 460 Halsey Street in Brooklyn. He had emigrated from Havana, Cuba aboard the vessel Cuba on November 22, 1922. Saul took his Oath of Allegiance in 1928.

The marriage certificate for Saul Deckelbaum and Rose Muken states that they were married on February 25, 1928 in Manhattan. At that time Saul was living at 181 Henry Street. The witnesses were Morris Deckelbaum of 2294 S. 23 Street in Brooklyn, and Maye Shifrin of 52 Market Street in New Jersey.

The Social Security Death Index shows a Saul Deckelbaum (SS# 118-18-5396) who was born on July 25, 1904 (the same birth date as given on Saul’s Declaration of Intention) and died on April 26, 1991. Saul’s Social Security Application is dated August 13, 1942. At that time he was living at 1815 Prospect Avenue in the Bronx. He states that his father’s name was Izzack Deckelbojm and his mother’s name was Yetta Silverstein, and that he was born in Warsaw, Poland.