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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Samuel Deckelbaum (#P42) arrived at the port of Philadelphia on March 23, 1910. His passenger record states that "Jeszije Dekelbaum" was an 18-year old single male, occupation joiner. He was born in Radwanowka. The name of the closest relative he left behind was his grandfather Chaim Dekelbaum in Radwanowka. He was 5’6" tall, with a fair complexion, blond hair, and green eyes. His destination in America is to his Uncle Israil Muelink at 130 W. Exeter Street in Baltimore.

  1. Genealogical Data

Samuel Deckelbaum (#P42)
Samuel filed his Declaration of Intention on May 29, 1917 in Washington, DC. At that time he was 25 years old and was earning his living as a grocer. He was born in Rovno, Russia on September 14, 1891. In 1917 he was living with his wife Ethel ("Eitel") at 135 N St SE in Washington DC. Ethel was born 1889 in Zhitonier, Russia. Sam states that he came to Philadelphia on or about October 19, 1910. His Certificate of Arrival states that "Jeszije" Deckelbaum came to Philadelphia on March 23, 1910 on the Frankfurt (North German Lloyd line). Samuel was naturalized on November 3, 1924 in Washington D.C. At that time he was 33 years old.

The 1920 Census shows Samuel Deckelbaum, age 27, living in Washington, DC with his wife Ethel, age 30. Sam immigrated in 1910 and Ethel immigrated in 1906.

The following information was obtained from fellow genealogist Leon Glassgold (nephew of Sam and Ethel):

Samuel Deckelbaum was married to Ethel Lieberman. Ethel was Leon’s mother’s sister. Sam and Ethel never had children. Samuel died in the mod-1950’s, and Ethel died in the 1960’s. Leon says Samuel was a quiet man and never spoke of his family. Ethel and Sam married in Washington, DC.

The Social Security Index shows an Ethel Deckelbaum born July 4, 1890, and died August 1976.

Samuel’s death certificate states that he died on March 20, 1957 at the age of 65. At that time he was living at 955 14th Street in Washington DC. He was buried at Beth Shalom in Washington DC. His wife Ethel survived him. His father’s name was Phil Deckelbaum, and his mother’s name was Esther.