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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

I have not been able to definitively find any members of this family on passenger records.

  1. Genealogical Data

The following information was provided by George Joseph Dekelbaum, son of Abraham and Bertha:

Samuel was born in what is now the Ukarane. Samuel and Deborah came to America in the early 1900’s. Abraham, the eldest, was born in New York City in 1903. However, Samuel did not like life in America - he felt it was not religious enough. So he took his family back to what was then Poland. Both Samuel and Deborah and at least one uncle died in the camps. Abraham married Bertha (in Yiddish she was Bayla) and they came to the USA in 1929. Abraham’s son George Joseph was born in New York City in 1930. The family moved to Philadelphia in 1933. Abraham died in 1967, in Philadelphia. Bertha died in New Jersey about 1991.

Two of Abraham’s sisters also came to the US. His sister Fay married a man named Ellman (he passed away when George was young). They had a boy, Izzy, and a daughter Miriam. Fay died in Philadelphia about 1986. Abraham’s other sister Miriam and her family live in New Jersey. Miriam’s husband was a photographer named Kiva Roych. They settled in Tuscon, AZ where Miriam still lives.

One of Abraham’s brothers survived the Holocaust and settled in Israel. George has not seen or heard from him in 35 years. But this brother did have at least one son. Another of Abraham’s sisters also survived. She remained in Poland, became an engineer, and had four children. Three have since come to the USA, and one lives in Italy.

The following information was provided by Vic Roych, son of Miriam Dekelbaum and Kiva Roych:

Vic’s mother Miryom was from Wlodzmierzec. She was born in the US, went back to Russia, and returned again in 1930. She was the third of four sisters (the youngest died young) and younger than her brothers, so Vic assumes that Faye and Abe were probably born here as well.

Vic gave me the information about Hileah and Miriam’s children and grandchildren. He also told me that Samuel was a Rabbi.