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The passenger arrival record for Leib Jank Deckelbaum (#P21) shows him arriving on June 22, 1906 to the port of Baltimore. He was a 25-year old married man, occupation baker. His last residence was in Molcitz. His destination in America was to his brother-in-law Chaim Schwartz, c/o 714 N 11th Street, 153 Brown Street in Philadelphia.

Leib’s son Sam arrived in America through the port of Baltimore on November 26, 1910. The record states that Schinien Deckelbaum (#P49) was 16 years old, single, occupation laborer. His birthplace and last residence were Molczitz. His nearest relative he left behind was his mother Chaie Deckelbaum in Molczitz Lubetz, Russia. His destination in America was to his father Leib Schwartz at 239 (or 234) Russiwl in Philadelphia. There is a notation "NY 45035" on the record.

The rest of the family sailed to the port of Philadelphia. Chaje Deckelbaum (#P63) was 40 years old when she arrived on December 6, 1913 aboard the Graf Waldersee. Chaje was traveling with her children Natule, an 11 year old male; Schindel, an 8 year old female; and Blunie, a 6 year old female. Chaje and her children were all born in Oschweliwki. The name of the closest relative they left behind was Chaje’s mother Ruche Kogut in Oschweliwki. Chaje’s destination in America is to her husband Leib Deckelbaum at 690 1st Street in Portland, Oregon. There is a notation on the record for Natule which reads "2/2 (F404) to Seattle 20-A-3254 Feb 27, 1943."

  1. Genealogical Data

Louis Dekelbaum (#P21)
Louis’s Declaration of Intention is dated September 6, 1913. It states that Laeb Dekilbom was born July 4, 1878. The Petition for Naturalization, dated December 12, 1917, states that Louis’s wife Ida was born August 5 1875; their son Samuel was born December 28 1896; their son Nathan was born April 3 1900, their daughter Sadie was born October 20 1902; and their daughter Flora was born September 15 1905. They were all born in Rovno.

According to the 1920 Census, Louis Duckelbom, age 43, was living at 308 Lincoln in Portland, Oregon. Louis immigrated in 1906, and was naturalized in 1919. He was a merchant at a second hand goods store, working on his own account. Living with him were his wife Ida, age 46; his son Sam, age 23, occupation cutter at a tailor store; son Nathan, age 20, occupation salesman of dry goods; daughter Sadie, age 17, occupation seamstress; and daughter Flora, age 14. Ida and the children were all naturalized in 1919.

The Obituary for Ida Schwartz in The Oregonian states that Ida died December 1, 1959. At that time she was living at 6125 SW Boundary in Portland. She was mother of Nathan Schwartz, Mrs. Mike Horenstein, Mrs. Harry Marcus, 11 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. Internment was at Shaari Torah Cemetery.

I received the following information from Lorraine Lippoff, grandaughter of Louis and Ida:
  • According to a memory book of Lorraine’s mother Sadie, Louis’s mother was Rivka, and his father was Yankel. Louis’s name was Louis Label Deckelbaum, and he was was one of 12 children.
  • Louis came from a small villiage -- Milchich -- in Russia where there were about 10 Jewish families. Flora (Louis’s youngest daughter) remembers being in Rafalovka and also Molcitz (she called it Milchitz).
  • Sadie also remembered that Louis’s parents lived in Rowna (Rovno?), and that Ida’s name was Chaia Kogat (Kogut). Ida’s mother was Rochelleah Kogat.
  • Louis had a sister named Pessa who never came to America. Pessa’s married name was Bratt. Pessa’s daughter Sonia and her husband Ellis Tonkey lived in England, then moved to Kansas City, Mo. Their daughter Ann maried an American serviceman (ca. WWII) named Alec Bratt, and they now live in Kansas City.
  • Louis was not Cohenim.

  1. Descendants of Yankel & Rivka Deckelbaum

  +Rivka ?
. 2 Louis DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1877 Russia
.   +Ida Kogut b: Abt. 1874 Oschweliwki d: Dec 1, 1959 Portland, OR
.... 3 Sam DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1897 d: June 1941
....   +Cele SCHWARTZ
.... 3 Nathan DECKELBAUM b: Abt. 1900 Oschweliwki d: March 1991
.... 3 Sadie DECKELBAUM b: Oct 20, 1902 Oschweliwki d: Oct 14, 1991 Portland, OR
....   +Mike HORENSTEIN d: 1977 Portland, OR
....... 4 Rosalie HORENSTEIN
.......   +? GOODMAN
....... 4 Lorraine HORENSTEIN
.......   +? LIPPOFF
.... 3 Flora DECKELBAUM b: August 1905 Oschweliwki
....   +Harry MARCUS
.   +? BRATT
.... 3 Sonia BRATT
....   +Ellis TONKEY
....... 4 Ann TONKEY
.......   +Alec BRATT