I have two seperate family trees for the Ohio Deckelbaums because I cannot connect Jake and his wife Goldie to Sam and Joseph Deckelbaum. My hunch is that they are related since they all chose to settle in Cleveland.

  1. Family Immigration Pattern

Sam Deckelbaum (#P22) arrived at the port of Baltimore aboard the S.S. Rhein on June 22, 1906. Coincidentally, this is the same ship on which Leib Jank Deckelbaum of the Portland Deckelbaums (Family #14) arrived. The passenger record states that Simche Dekelman was a 26-year old married painter, and that his last place of residence was Rafalovka. His destination in America is to his brother-in-law "W Welval Abrens" at 22 Jackson Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sam’s wife Mariem Deckelbaum (#P35) arrived to the port of New York on January 25, 1909, having sailed from Liverpool aboard the S.S Lucania. She was 28 years old, married, and was traveling with her sons Meyer (age 6) and Chaim (age 3). Mariem was born in Rafalovka. The name of her nearest relative she left behind is Chenie Schermann. Her destination in America is to her husband Simcher Deckelbaum at 3957 Orange Avenue in Cleveland.

The Port of St. Albans Passenger Index shows Joseph Deckelbaum (#P38), age 28, occupation presser, arriving on July 8, 1909 at the Port of Quebec aboard the S.S Victorian. Joseph was born in Ziloma, Vilina, Russia. He had left behind his father Moses in Ziloma. His destination in America was to his brother Samuel at 2831 E. 37th in Cleveland.

Also on the Port of St. Albans Passenger Index was Joseph’s wife Ite Dekelbaum (#P51). The record states that she was 31 and married when she arrived on February 17, 1912 at the Port of Halifax on the S.S. Herperian. She was born in Zutini, Volyhina, Russia. Her last place of residence was Vienna, Austria. Her destination in America was to her husband Joseph in Cleveland. Travelling with her are her children Max (9), Lize (7), Markus (5), and Jonas (3).

The passenger record for Golde Deckelbaum (#P36) shows her arriving on June 13, 1909 at the port of New York. She was a 20-year old married woman, traveling with her daughter Mariem, age 6 months. Her birthplace was Wlodineive, and the name of her nearest relative back home was her mother "Wolyinski". Her destination in America is to her husband Josel Deckelbaum in Cleveland.

  1. Genealogical Data

Sam Deckelbaum (#P22)
The 1910 census shows a 30-year old Sam living at 323 E 37th Street in Cleveland. His occupation was as a bricklayer. He was living with his wife Mary (age 28), and his sons Hyman (age 8), Meyer (age 6), and Issie (age 3 months). Sam immigrated in 1907; Mary, Hyman and Meyer all immigrated in 1909, and Issie was born in Ohio. Also living in the home was Sam’s brother Joe, age 25, who had been married for 7 years. His occupation was a presser.

In 1920, Samuel was 41, living at 758 E93 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was in Real Estate. He was living with his wife Mary (age 41), and his children Hyman (age 19), Meyer (age 16), Isadore (age 10), and William (age 8).

Sam’s Social Security Application (#290-20-8082) was issued November 11, 1942. At that time he was living at 3205 Meadowbrook Blvd in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He owned the Meadowbrook Reality Company. He was born April 15, 1883 in Warsaw, Poland. His father’s name was Morris Deckelbaum and his mother’s name was Rose Rosenfeld.

Sam’s death certificate states that his wife was Lena, and that his father was Casper Deckelbaum. He was buried at Glenville Cemetary in Cleveland on July 3, 1970. The certificate states that Samuel was an American citizen.

From the JGFF: William (Sam’s son) is married to Rosalind Barskin.

Joseph Deckelbaum (#P38)
According to the 1920 Census Joseph was a 38-year old man living at 4725 Duthwaite Avenue in Cleveland. Joseph immigrated in 1909. He was living with his wife Ida (age 38), and his children Max (age 18), Elizabeth (age 16), Marcus (age 14), Jonus (age 11), Ruby (age 5), Celia (age 3), and Pearl (age 1), Joseph, Ida, Max, and Elizabeth were born in Russia. Marcus and Jonus were born in Austria. The rest of the children were born in Ohio.

The Petition for Naturalization for Yetta Deckelbaum (Joseph’s second wife) indicates that her maiden name was Yetta Abramowic, and that her first husband was Harry Hirshkowitz. She had three children with Harry: Pauline, Rossylin, and Joseph (all born in NYC.) She married Joe Deckelbaum on December 30, 1937 in Santa Ana, California. She was naturalized on September 18, 1940, at which time she was livving at 544 No. Brittania, LA with her husband and 3 children. The record states that Joe was born on September 15, 1885 in Zhitomer, Russia, and that he entered the USA on June 20, 1909 at Buffalo, NY. Yetta changed her name to Yetta Decker.

The Social Security Death Index shows a Yetta Decker, born May 18, 1893, died December 1972 (SS# 545-32-6542, issued in CA).

The Social Security Death Index shows a Marcus Decker, born July 19, 1906, died October 26, 1990 (SS# 270-10-2250, issued in OH).

From information given to me by Art Krakowsky, relative of Joseph’s wife Ida:

Max Decker (Joseph’s son) had a jewelry store in Los Angeles, and Perl lived near San Francisco.

Jake Deckelbaum
The 1920 Census shows Jake Deckelbaum, age 30 and born in Russia, living at 5806 Duthwaite Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. Jake immigrated in 1908. He was living with his wife Bertha (age 29), and his children Minnie (age 11), Fannie (age 10), Louis (age 7), Sammie (age 5), Morris (age 3), and Sollie (age 1). Bertha and Minnie immigrated in 1911; the rest of the children were born in Ohio. Also living with Jake and his family was a boarder David Unoff, a 22-year old Russian immigrant.

The Social Security Death Index shows a Louis Decker, born December 14, 1912, died March 1969 (SS# 272-05-3061, issued in Ohio) - this could be Jake’s son Louis.

The Social Security Death Index shows a Saul Decker, born October 23 1918, died November 1972 (SS# 579-38-6371, issued in DC) - this could be Jake’s son Sollie.

I found a death certificate for Jacob Deckelbaum, which states that he died on August 18, 1943. At that time he was living 1347 Somerset Place North in Washington DC. He was 52 years old when he died. His mother’s name is written on his death certificate at " ---- Bessie Rachael". His wife is Goldie. His son-in-law Irvine Hantman is the "informant" on his death certificate. Jacob was buried at Adas Israel Cemetary on Aug. 19, 1943.

From information given to me by my relative Bob Deckelbaum:

Judith Hantman was married to Irvine, and her father was Jacob Deckelbaum. Judith also had a brother who changed his name to Decker.

Judith was from Ohio, and some of her family now live in Washington DC.