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  1. Family Immigration Pattern

The passenger record for Moses Deckelbaum (#P29) shows him arriving on September 11, 1907 at the port of New York. When he arrived in the USA he was 18 years old, and his occupation was as a harness maker. He was born in Rafalovka. The name of the nearest relative he left behind was his mother Chawe Deckelbaum, who was living in Berdichev. His destination in America was to his Uncle L. Zalascer at 257-60 Walabunt Street in Brooklyn.

Moses’s brother Leib (#P43) arrived at the port of New York on May 31, 1910. He was an 18-year old, single man, and he stated his occupation as a laborer. His birthplace and his last place of residence was in Berdichev, and the nearest relative he left back home was his mother Chawe Deckelbaum in Berdichev. His destination in America is to his brother M. Deckelbaum at 718 Barber Street in Chicago. There is a notation on the passenger record reading "12/26/42 - 11-243597" - which refers to his naturalization date and number.

Moses and Leib’ mother Chawe Deckelbaum (#P56) arrived at the port of New York on June 10, 1913. She was a 45-year old widow, occuaption housewife. Her birthplace and her last place of residence was in Berdichev. The name of the closest person she left behind was her friend "S. Maganaith" (very illegible) in Berdichev. Her destination in America is to her son Morris Deckelbaum (Moische Leibek) at 1133 Mozart Street in Chicago.

  1. Genealogical Data

Leib Deckelbaum (#P43)
According to the 1920 census, Eva Tannenbaum, age 56, was living at 1229 S. Sawyer Street in Chicago. Living with her were Louis and Morris Tannenbaum. Louis was 24, and Morris was 28. Both were "bagmakers" at a shop. All three were boarders at the home of Harry and Lena Gourwith.

The naturalization papers for Lieb Deckelboim provide the following information:

  • The papers certify the Leib immigrated to the USA on May 31, 1910 through the port of New York.
  • In 1941 Lieb was a Taxi Cab Driver living at 6745 Dorchester Avenue in Chicago. He was born on April 15, 1892 in Berdichev. His wife’s name was Celia, and his children were June (born March 5, 1921), and Lester (born June 14, 1927).
  • The court record indicates that Leib Deckelboim changed his name to Leo Tannenbaum.

The name Leo Tannenbaum appears in the Social Security Death Index - he was born April 15, 1895, and died May 1970. His social security number was 336-05-4424.